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    Apr 30, 2013
    Hi, We have a variety of chickens. About a week ago we got two banty chickens, Romeo and Juliet is what we call them. Need to know if she has layed two eggs so far, how many will she lay before she will sit on them and when will she start sittting?
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    [​IMG] What breed of bantam is she? Most, but not all bantams will go broody. Some hens will go broody on just a couple of eggs; whereas, others like more. It will pretty much depend upon her breed and individual temperament. Good luck, and hope she hatches a bunch of chicks for you.
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    hens will sit on different numbers of eggs. Each clutch you see won't be the same. Say she lays 5 and hatches them and In 8 weeks she'll lay 10 and hatch them. A hen will only set when she reaches the desired number of eggs. And believe me it's never the same number of eggs.

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