Banty coop is full of sneaks.

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    I have been on an egg shortage lately. I even went and bought *gasp* store-bought eggs on Sunday. I have a coop of LF chickens and a coop of bantam chickens. The bantams had a catastrophe on Sunday when my neighbor's dog tore a hole in the coop and killed the rooster and one hen, leaving only 4 hens. I patched it temporarily and went out today for the permanent fix (the dog is being contained for now) and as I went out the door I quietly lamented to my darling husband that my wonderful bantams haven't laid an egg in weeks. I settled myself down with new wire and other supplies next to the run and out came the girls and new man, Pierre (he was given to me by the owners of the dog...they offered a hen too but I declined as my bantams get along famously and I was afraid a new girl would upset the balance. Also, their girls are not as pretty as mine, lol) to investigate my goings-on. While cooing and fussing over them I looked in a corner of the coop interior where one girl was fussing a little and lo' and behold! 3 eggs! They had hidden them! Silly boogers...and after such a stressor as the dog attack?? And after I bought EGGS??? Sneaky, sneaky ladies...

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    Dec 12, 2010
    my banties also hid thier eggs from me. they free range in my garden and when I buste them under a palm tree, I found 8 eggs!!!!!!!! Very sneaky!

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