Banty Hens+Standard Roo=Bad?


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Western MT
Hi everyone,

This is my first time with chickens. My chicks are all around 2 months old now, and I was wondering- do I need to separate the banty hens from my BCM roo? Now? In a few months?

I don't want the smaller ladies to be stressed/injured/worse by a larger roo... I can't seem to find anything on whether that would/could happen, though.

SO (and now the point!) Do you have experience with mixing banties and standard sized chickens/roos? What would you recommend?


For general info: I have 1 BCM roo and 3 different banty roo's. Two of the banty roo's sleep with the goats and one with the flock.
A standard roo will not care about the size of the girls. He will attempt to mate them and that will end up being very bad for the girls. They will either end up injured, crippled, or dead. Sorry, but they do need to be seperated.

Ok! Thanks!

That's what I suspected. On the simply anatomical grounds. He may be a cull anyway, his leg feathers aren't coming in as well as I'd like. We'll see!

So I'll be building another coop for the banties, and split them all
It'll work out fine.
My banties have beat up the big roos AND the banty roos so many times I am pretty sure they have given up. They also run the full size chickens like they own the place...and the dogs...and me (but me in a good way - got one that sings for me until I pick her up - she's extra bossy). Don't mistake me, I'm keeping an eye on it just in case and I am prepared to move the bantys separate into the little hoop coop should the need arise. But they all grew up together, and they really run the I let them do what they do. Be bossy.
My former rooster would not mate my only banty, but when he was replaced by my Delaware rooster, a very big boy, he went after Shadow with a vengeance, chased her all over till she squatted and I reached her just in time and snatched her away. She is small, even for a banty Cochin, and he would not leave her alone. It could have resulted in her death. She now lives in a rooster-less old ladies coop. It depends on the rooster and I know I can't trust my Delaware with a bantam hen.

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