Banty Roo with bloody feet?

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    My old Banty Roo is an old man with 17 2 1/2 mo young RI hens. He's been with them since they were let out of the brooder (1 month?). Anyway yesterday we found him with awful bloodied feet. Both of them! We took him, cleaned with mild soapy water, and betadine spray. He seems better but feet will need a cleaning once more today. Who did this? Should I put him back in the mainstream? I thought of letting him stay in a brooder in the main coup by himself since he's so small. He has always been capable of taking care of himself.
    What do I do?[​IMG]
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    Banty roos usually can take care of themselves, LOl. Problem is, when the girls pick on him, he`s too macho to even take notice, until they draw blood. Then they just keep it up until he`s really injured. I`ve got an 8 lb Brazilian cock with a big sore on one foot from being hen pecked. The only cure is to separate him and doctor him up & let him heal. Your brooder idea seems fine. He`ll really love getting back with the girls in a month or so......Pop

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