Banty Rooster came to live with me-Know nothing about chickens!


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Mar 23, 2018
Refugee rooster made it over property line to live with me. He's been mine now for about 6 months. Converted a 2 stall horse run in to a coop for his safety. Kept him warm and safe all winter even bringing him inside (large kennel) in utility room during the 2 freak snows we had. Yes, he's a part of the family now. My ignorance let him get leg mites. When he started to limp I quickly took to a Avian vet. He's been medicated and I'm doing my part to help rid him of the mites. What I need to do is a Dust Box. I'm researching how best to do this and could use advise on 2 topics: 1) Best way to rid the coop of the bugs! Vet said apply some type of disinfectant but to be sure it is not going to be lethal to the bird once I get him back in his coop (which I suspect will be 2-4 weeks). 2) Where does one purchase the stuff to make a dust box and/or should I just make the dirt floor of the shed 1 giant dust box? My fear is that the run in may be too enclosed. Help and advice needed!

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