Bantys and BR's together


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Jan 17, 2009
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My BR chicks are three-weeks old right now. They are in a brooder in the house for another six weeks. My brother has some bantys that are around one-year-old that they are wondering if I want. I am wondering if I wait to get the bantys until my chicks are ready to go to the coop, will I able to put them into the coop at the same time without any problems. I hesitate to get the bantys now and put in the coop and let them establish "territory" thereby possibly creating a problem when I want to put the BR's in the coop.
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Feb 2, 2009
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I'd wait and put them in the new territory together. Since both flocks are going to be going into new territory, you rise an interesting problem.

Normally, I'd suggest doing the introduction thing where they are housed side by side, separated by wire, before you join them. I'd still suggest that, but is there a way you could house them side by side a couple of days but not in their new territory. Then, you could put them together at night in their new territory. They may be so confused and interested in exploring, they minimize their fighting. I'm sure you know there will be some to establish a pecking order.

And I'd put in at least two feeders and waterers so the dominant birds don't force the submissive ones to starve. I anticipate it will take a while for the flocks to truly become one.

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