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    Apr 20, 2016
    We have 4 hens who have been together since young, we've had them for 10 months & have not noticed a dominant one. They coexisted quite nicely. Earlier this year, I noticed a bare area on the neck of the Barred Rock. She didn't act any different & has been laying, but the area has gotten larger going down toward her chest. It is pretty red, like the color of her face around her eyes. There is no blood or scabs or wound. However, the skin below the bare area is white. She is not sunburnt as the coop/run is quite shaded. We separated her 2 days ago & then read it wasn't necessary if there was no injury. So, today we put her back in the run & w/i a few minutes, she was being attacked by one of the others. She is now in a crate next to the run. Any ideas as to her skin problem (pin feathers are appearing) & how to proceed getting her back into the flock. TIA

    Since I wrote the above, we have learned about depluming mites so we dusted her & the others with sevin dust. Noticed a red area on one of the others but that's it. They all are laying & acting normal. We continue to place her crate next to the run during the day but don't know when to try to integrate her again. Also if anyone has any other ideas of what this might be, I would appreciate hearing from you.[​IMG]

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    Think I would take out the one that is pecking her (instead of her); and hopefully that will lower her (the offender) on the pecking order.

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