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  1. chikenlady

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    Apr 18, 2008
    Cantonment, FL
    Hi all,

    I have several hens who have bare areas on there backs. I am ordering saddles from moodene, however, I have since gained some information. Feather loss on the head is from the rooster...feather loss from the back area is from another hen "picking". Do any of you all agree or disagree with that? Just wondering if this could be true?

    Thanks! [​IMG]
  2. sebright guy

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    Apr 14, 2009
    yeah thats what it is. we have a whole coop of rir layers and a roo they all have missing back feathers. and they do pick at eachother. Our coop is a bit crowded so i think thats why ours are picking eachother. we only had one that got real beat up so we moved her into a sick pen with our one rosecomb rooster thats kinda brain dead or somethin. she looks alot better now.
  3. illinichick

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    Mar 31, 2008
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    The feathers missing on the back and the top of the wings is due to mating (in my case) Our roo seems to have his 6 "favorites" and I've made saddles for them from fleece. 8" square with a hole cut on the top corners, slit across the bottom and there ya go. Slip her wings in the holes and slip the tail through the slit.
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  4. Omran

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    Jul 26, 2008
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    best solution is get red of the roosters and your hens will be very happy.
  5. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    No need to get rid of your roosters [​IMG]
    The bare backs can be from pecking and/or the mating.
    Saddles will solve your problem. [​IMG]
  6. sebright guy

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    Apr 14, 2009
    yes if the roo is also being pecked so it could not be from breeding.

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