Bare bottoms!


7 Years
Jul 5, 2014
I have had flocks of 10 to 15 chickens for 15 years. They roam in a fenced area of about 1/4 acre and live a happy life.
I have a new flock of hens that are under a year old. They came all bushy and healthy and started laying 3 mos ago.
Recently 5 of them have developed red, inflamed areas around the tail and down the legs. I think they may be pecking at something that is bothering them. They have DE baths regularly, I add organic vinegar to the water and the pen area is very clean.
Please help with any experiences you have had with this problem.
Thank you!!!


Aug 24, 2018
West Virginia
:goodpost: I’ve only had ducks, but one of ours began loosing feathers, it was another one pecking! Then, we had one loosing feathers around it’s eyes, it was an bugs. Everything’s cleared up, now! We took a soft brush to it and rubbed around the area with water. It helped, it returns ever-so often. However, it wasn’t badly inflamed... just dirty and slightly irritated. Not sure if a brush would inflame your chickens more. Anywho, welcome to BYC! I hope your chickens feel better soon! :welcome

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