Bare bummed baby - please help

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    May 30, 2016
    Hello I am looking for help and insight into a problem I am having with one of my chicks. It is 6 days old and about two days ago I noticed it has no feathers around its but and under its wings. It's back end is completely bald and its anus is slightly red and swollen. I am not sure if this is coccidiosis or vent gleet or something else... I feel just awful about it and am trying very hard to help this little guy out but am worried I am doing everything wrong.

    I have been feeding the chicks fermented unmedicated chick starter and water that has a mix of honey, garlic, cinnamon and apple cider vinegar. I have also been hanging little herbs and things in there for them to explore. Once i saw that this one was dealing with some issues, I added oil of oregano to the water and fed him a little Kefir. I initially separated him from the rest so I could observe him. His droppings don't have any blood in them. They are slightly runnier and stick to his butt. I have been cleaning him up and today I put some poplar oil on the affected areas. His energy levels seem fine other than the stress of being alone - he is eating and drinking.

    any ideas or insights would be appreciated.

    Another side issue is with the fermented feed a lot of my chicks have very messy chins. I have made an extra effort to really strain the feed so it is as dry as I can get it. I am wondering if this is something I should be concerned about.

    Thanks so much. I am trying my best and I hope I haven't done anything too detrimental.

    Some other notes are there bedding is wood shavings and I have 45 western rustics and 5 cornish cross. the one in question is a cornish.

    Thanks so much

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