Barely got my 2nd egg on video!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by truchicks, Nov 11, 2016.

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    Hi friends! Yesterday I got my first ever egg from one of my 4 girls. I was sad to not know which one it was but I caught my SF dropping an egg about a half hour ago. She was acting strange all day. She was running back and forth like she was trying to find a place all morning and then she squatted for a minute and I knew something other than poop was gonna come out unless she was constipated[​IMG]Do you think she could've layed my first egg? It was layed around 10:15 am yesterday...
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    It's funny how the first eggs surprise them. Hopefully she will move to a nest for the future.

    Compare the first egg with this one and if they are shaped and colored the same, then likely the same Pullet laid both?
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    Shape and color could tell the tale......or you could look under the tails.

    Pelvic spacing is key IMO.

    Vent Appearance:
    Dry, tight, and smaller - usually not laying.
    Moist, wide, and larger - usually laying.

    Pelvic Points 2 bony points(pelvic bones) on either side of vent:
    Less than 2 fingertip widths apart usually means not laying.
    More than 2 fingertip widths apart usually means laying.

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