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  1. riftnreef

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    Oct 27, 2009
    Mechanicsburg, Ohio
    I know, it's hard to believe...but I got one VERY sweet deal at Lowe's a couple weeks ago. I had been working out a plan to move my girls from their temporary pen in the garage to better accomidations in my 8x8 garden shed, but it needed some windows first. I called the local glass shop, and they wanted $15 ea to cut me to 24x24 pieces of plexi-glass. I felt $30 was a bit excessive for such trinkets, but what choice did I have? Well, as luck would have it, some [email protected]#^ stole my snow shovel, and the weather was really getting I talked the Mrs. into a trip to Lowe's in single degree weather to get me a new one....while there just for kicks and grins I decided to ask the guy at the window counter "what is the absolute cheapest window you carry?"....after a moment of browsing, he slid out this georgous 25x46" Pella window...what happened next about dropped me to the floor....he tells me this window was custom ordered and was priced at $40!!!!! How could I not buy it?!? I kinda wish my living room windows looked this good...LOL....any way, here is my girls' new $300 Pella window I got for 40 bucks!


    I slapped up a quick roost, and they were home....momma feeding them some cracked corn for their troubles. Finished the nest boxes the next was all of 10 degrees or so that weekend...[​IMG]

  2. TipsyDog

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    May 14, 2009
    Aregua, Paraguay
    WOW!!! [​IMG] You were in the right place at the right time! That window shouldn't ice up on the girls either, so they'll have a wonderful view all winter! Congrats!
  3. the Pollo Loco

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    May 27, 2009
    Santa Cruz,CA
    boy I love a good deal like that!!!![​IMG] makes me want to brave the storm and run down to the Depot!!!!
  4. gsim

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    Jun 18, 2009
    East Tennessee
    Great score. The $15 was not so bad for each 24x24. The darned stuff is expensive to buy like you would not believe. I used it for two large awning type windows in my coop.
  5. There A Chick

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    Jun 7, 2008
    Creedmoor, NC
    Lowes is great for stuff like that. If you ever need shingles just ask one of the guys for a broken open bag from in the back. They can't really do anything with partials like that, I bought 2 almost full bundles of shingles for $5!!! [​IMG]
  6. SillyChicken

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    Jan 12, 2010
    Lowes is better for deals than Home Depot (at least in my region)

    I worked at Lowes for 4 yrs. I hated it, but got some soooooooper sweet deals. Like a pallet of SOS (special order stock) tumbled marble tile for .44 cents a tile (should have been $8.00ea) a SOS 15 light solid oak door for $139 it was 800$ I have serveral $700, 7x10 area rugs (displays) for 25$, ceiling fans w/lights for $5! I got in sooo much trouble cause I was nabbing things every day/week. I could go on!! as a matter of fact, I was going to sos order linoleum for my new house, and found the same pattern in the sos returns!

    Early saturday mornings are the best time to find the sweet deals. They have to get all the stuff out to try to get rid of it for saturdays crowd. Don't be afraid to offer less, sometimes they will really need to push one item out vs the ones that have to wait a little longer. Or if you take all of something, they may cut the cost.

    Changes in displays - most of the stores did a kitchen display change a few years ago. They will sell all that stuff. They're always doing display changes here and there when products change. look on end caps (ends of the isles) in the carts near their work areas etc.. you have to be able to haul stuff that day if you go for the big display items. I picked up one of the oak demo kitchens w/counter (will be a for bar in basement) and the 10' display for the cheap white cabinets w/counter (now in my kennel) for $250 for all of it!

    An SOS item they have to sell just to get out of the store.

    Get to know the sales staff - if they get to know you, they'll be more inclined to cut you better deals.
  7. 4CiTyCHicHENs

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    Jan 20, 2010
    also check out habitat for humanity restores.... sister in law's neighbor is building a coop & got windows for $10, not brand new but still in good condition
  8. fancbrd4me02

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    Lowes is better than Home Depot for cheap deals most of the tiem out here in California, too. I have gotten all kinds of great plants for practically free! They discount broken bags down to almost nothing. I get a lot of great stuff from Lowes.
  9. rufus

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    May 17, 2007
    Be sure and nail that window in real good. The person that got the snow shovel probably needs a window also.

  10. cutlass1972

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    May 26, 2009
    I got a REALLY nice odd size pella thermal star window from lowes on the same sort of deal at the same sort of price. people look at my coop and then my house and say "you can afford a $300 window for your coop but you cannot replace those old windows!

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