Barnevelder? Game hen?

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Apr 19, 2009
Fall Creek Falls TN
I got this hen in my "brown egg layer special" from McMurray last year. She has just decided to go broody over a bunch of mystery eggs. 1/2 of them will be pure RIR, the rest RIR cross.
I have gone to MM's website- and cannot find that they ever have any Barnevelder- but I know she isn't a gold laced wyandotte. Any thoughts? Sweet hen either way.
My guess is Dark Cornish "game hen". MM has them and the hatchery stock generally don't have the full stance and build of show or breeder quality Dark Cornish.

If you can post a picture of her full body and tail set and one of her straight on from the breast it would be more helpful. Barnevelders have a U- shaped back and more of a fan tail. Dark Cornish will have a wider stance, breast and alot less tail. Dark cornish can make great mothers.
Thanks- that's what I thought. She has the coloring of a barnevelder- but she isn't as big or fluffy as other pictures I have seen. Her feathers are pretty "tight" to her body. I'm so happy to finally get a broody out of this bunch! She has literally buried herself in the nest. So sweet.

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