Barnevelder Hatching Eggs or chicks

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  1. jebrab

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Southeastern Indiana
    Does anyone out there have barnevelder eggs or chicks? I am thinking about raising some.[​IMG]...Thanks,
  2. jab91864

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    Apr 3, 2007
    Northern Michigan
    I asked about barnevelders before and got no response. I found that seemed as if she would be selling in the spring.

    Julie [​IMG]
  3. Ideal sells them but they are sold out right now until April at least. You can do the "notify me" route. I'm on it right now. They are going fast. Really popular breed this year. If I knew they would be so hard to get ahold of I would have ordered in early Feb. [​IMG] I'm hoping to order for a April/May delivery. Good Luck!
  4. AussieSharon

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    Dec 18, 2007
  5. jab91864

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    Apr 3, 2007
    Northern Michigan
    I bid on one of that same guys auctions... pick your choice of

    Julie [​IMG]
  6. szq1954

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    May 17, 2009
    I purchased some Barnevelder eggs from a Johan van Achterberg at Hidden Meadow Farm CT. You can e-mail him @ [email protected] or phone him @ 203-261-2156. Quite expensive I thought at $35.00 per dozen (he sent 13) with S.H. costing $15.00. I love my Barnies, they are now 1 month of age and are just getting feathers and their own personalities. Love to watch them. Johan is from Holland and apparently went there, brought the eggs back with him, hatched those eggs and is selling eggs from real Barnevelder chickens.

    This is my first post here, just wanted to see if anyone else was interested in Barnevelders. And Hello to a fellow Hoosier!!.
  7. mikeindasticks

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    May 13, 2009
    Hi Jane, I bought my Barnies from Paul Pleece in Ca.. He sells on Ebay (hatching eggs), also there is a man in Va. that sells Barnavelders on Ebay-Fishn_jr.

    My barnes are 2 mth old now & late winter or early spring I'll have eggs to sell or trade.

    Anyone interested can PM or email, [email protected]
    Mike PS-I'm a fellow Hoosier!
  8. corancher

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    Apr 18, 2007
    I have Barnevelders. We have been raising them for 3 years, however I leave all our birds free range together during summer so we will not have pure hatching eggs again until fall.

    I purchased eggs from Johan van Achterberg this year and got one chick. He is a roo but a very nice looking roo. I am on the list for chicks from Sandhill but only three more shipment dates this year so I may not get any.

    Hope you find some to add to your flock.

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