Barnevelders 6+


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009
I have 6+ Barnevelder eggs available. I have a KC/vB pen and a vB pen. I will mail but I love local pickups in Sacramento area.

Here is a pic of a KC/vB hen

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My first two from your eggs are out. These are so cute. Never seen them as chicks before in person.

BTW the Java hatched !!!
Your barnie eggs? excellent. what else hatched for you?
I have more wellie, mottled java, am and barnies in the incubator
2 Wellies
1MOttled Java

They were due the 28th, but didn't start till the 1st. I had a Wellie hatch this morning, but I think they others quit. They are all so fat and cute! The Wellie is in the bator drying out. Had a big yolk sac still attacked, but it's all over the bator. I think I got 2 roos though, so I'll be needing those Wellie eggs. LOL
I was soooo happy to get this blue. I've never gotte one to hatch before, so I'm a happy camper.
The kids love the Java, but my son's favorites are always Wellies so he's happy to have the LF now. The bantams are beautiful, but we're big bird people. LOL
Not I have to find more Penes. The roo I got from you is gorgeous. His name is El Guapo. LOL
Really happy with my chicks so far. Thank you so much.
Hey, I see you have been awarded a platinum membership, congrats!
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Thank you. It was gifted to me.

I have more chicks hatching. The last two hatches have been days long. lol

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