Barnyard birds...(pic heavy)


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May 4, 2010
Greene, NY
ok, maybe not they are not technically a breed, more semi feral mutts than any thing else, but years of mostly fending for themselves lends itself to a very hardy bird, and generations of just adding what ever new blood is available to the flock produces a wide variation of colors, combs, and sizes... these are my GF's uncle's birds... they have everything from leghorns to silkies in their heritage and some of them are quite attractive...

the Roos

the last few generations have had an interesting comb type pop up... it seems almost like a overgrown pea comb... one main comb, with a serrated ridge about midway up on each side...

close ups

some of the hens... most of which are bearded, while most the roosters aren't

they are one of the most interesting types of chickens IMHO, and I suspect they are something of a genetic goldmine, with all the different breeds in their ancestry and the new traits that pop up rather frequently... any one else a fan of barnyard birds?...
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Nov 30, 2010
Always love the mixed up bred chickens, they do produce some wonderful colors and combination of colors.

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