Barnyard Brawls - What on earth is going on?

Enchanted Sunrise Farms

12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
My little girls are usually pretty calm and get along fine. i have eight silkies and two silkie/japanese/polish/mille fleur mixes. Just lately, i've had four of the silkies go broody. Three are camping out in the back of the coop, the other (Diana) has taken over the small rabbit hutch.

This morning when i let everyone out, a fight ensued, then another, then another. It turned into one big chest bunting, tango dancing, neck pecking extravaganza. As fast as i could push the girls apart, another fight broke out.

It seemed to start with Diana, walking around in full broody fluff, looking like an angry turkey. Buffy challenged her, and it escalated from there.

i've never had this happen before, so don't know if it's normal pecking order behavior. And further, i am not sure how to deal with four broodies. i've never seen a broody all puffed out and walking around, which some of them seem to be doing. Any advice would be appreciated.
the only way you can deal with 4 broodies without probs is put them in their own that does away with the fights breaking out.

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