Barnyard Mix! $38 shipped *+ extras* Ohio Chick, Duck, Turkey

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    Aug 16, 2008
    I will have available for Monday Shipping 16 eggs (plus some extras if available) for $38 shipped.

    You will receive in this assortment:

    8 Chicken Eggs~possible pures, but everyone is running together right now, so I can't promise you will hatch out pures. ALL of my roosters are doing their job, and they take turns on ALL the ladies. (they will not like me in about a week when I start separating everyone out!) Eggs will be from any of the following breeds:
    Speckled Sussex
    Light Brahma
    Cochin mix
    Buff Orpington
    Cuckoo Maran (I only have one hen)
    Ameracauna (EE)

    I have roos in all of the above, except the light brahma. There might also be silkie eggs in the mix.

    4 Duck Eggs
    The duck eggs are from my rouens, but they are mixed as well with either a runner duck, mallard, or white pekin, or there is a possibility of a pure.

    4 Turkey mixed eggs
    My Narragansett Hen is laying. I will include 4 of her eggs. She is bred to my Royal Palm Tom. He has been actively breeding all of my 3 turkey hens, but so far, the royal palm hens are not laying (or they are hiding their nests from me!)

    I will have one of these assortments ready to ship out on Monday, and might be able to do another assortment later in the week.

    I will try to include extras of the duck and turkey eggs.

    Paypal only please.

    Post sold and PM me for paypal address.
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