"Barnyard Mix" Hatching Egg Assortment $20, SHIPPED Brahmas, Ducks, EE

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  1. This auction is for a package of 8+ barnyard eggs.

    I have the following:

    Light Brahma
    Light Brahma x Golden Laced Cochin
    Muscovy Duck (black/whites, chocolate/white)
    Sultan Bantam Eggs (these will be a mix of either Sultan x Brahma or Sultan x Cochin)
    Easter-Egger Chicken eggs

    These are all GORGEOUS birds from at least two different bloodlines!

    Please note, some of the above (not including the ducks) may be mixed. These are the last of my flock which isn't separated from the others. So far, I've gotten only purebred Light Brahmas from the Brahma/Cochin pen as I have two brahma hens and two golden laced cochin roosters, along with one brahma roo...but he is the dominant roo....

    I can omit eggs at your request, but I can't promise who is laying right now...

    $20 shipped--eggs will be gathered this weekend & shipped Monday afternoon! I take Paypal
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