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    Aug 17, 2015
    1 dozen= $35 1/2 dozen= $16 Cost of shipping will be added (it varies state to state) Hello BYC!! I am selling hatching eggs from my Bielefelders GFF bloodlines, Pure bred black and lavender amauracanas, Easter eggers, new hampshires, silver laced wyandottes, salmon faverelle, partridge cochin, rhode island red, pure bred buckeyes, american bresse, black australorps, lakenvelder, buff orpingtons, delewares, cuckoo marans, and barred rocks. All NPIP certified. Last updated Thanksgiving 2015. [​IMG] My Bielefelder rooster, Chandelier. [​IMG] My Partridge Cochin rooster, Chorizo [​IMG] My Barred Rock rooster, Johnny [​IMG] My Buckeye hens. [​IMG] My Lakenvelders [​IMG] My BIG Black Australorp hen, Truffles [​IMG] My Black Amauracana hen. If you are interested in these eggs but want to see more pictures of any of the birds I have listed, I can send you more pictures. I am always weary of online chicken shopping and "Buyer Beware" so ask any questions or more pictures.
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