Barnyard Mix It Up...


7 Years
Apr 4, 2012
Southeastern Pennsylvania
Yesterday I went to a cool farm with lots of mixes running around. Yes, I love my pure breeds, but sometimes you can't beat a funky chicken! The first chicken is a roo for sure, what do you think possible mix is? Spiky hair, beard, the lacing I'm just curious what some guesses might be. Polish, sumatras, houdans, sebrights, wyandottes, silkies, you name it lives there. Chick#2 pretty positive is a pullet, very sweet, and mother is a black silkie. She has black feathered feet, five toes. The lacing is what I'm wondering about. What birds have that particular lacing?
first thing comes to mind on the 1st is a bearded silver laced polish with maybe silver sebright (depending on its comb)

the 2nd out of just the breeds you named wyandotte,
There was a silver sebright hen running around, just didn't know because her feathering and lacing was so bright and perfect. He has a rose comb I think.
And you think golden laced wyandotte for #2? Didn't see any off hand, but no way I was able to see everyone. Thanks for your input.

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