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May 18, 2007
Portland, IN
I have 2 doz plus eggs, they will include, chickens, ducks, turkey and geese eggs.

Chickens---- some will be pure, some will be mixed----cuckoo marans, black marans, black penedesenca, game, LaFleche, frizzle, spitzhauben, phoenix, sumatra, serama, lt brahma, onagadori[bantam], green egg mutts, rir, golden comet

ducks are---------black indy runners, black cayuga, snowy mallard call and black east indy call, all were running together

turkeys are bronze tom over black spanish hens

geese are----------buff hens mated with giant dewlap, roman tuft and pomeranian.

Asking 30.00, shipping included.

P.S.------I can ship em today........ed

I forgot I also have leghorns and turkens that I can mix in with this........ed
Last edited:'d you about tomorrows egg gathering? It will be about the same.......

can we pick what we want? I would only want the chicken eggs and only the cuckoo marans, black marans, black penedesenca, frizzle, lt brahma, and also would only one doz. be possible? sorry to be a pain in the rear
Siz, I guess I could do just a chicken grab bag of them breeds, but remember some will be pure and some WONT be. That would be 15.00, shipping included. I will send what comes out of the nest boxes.

Game, I have never taken money orders before, but Im willing to give it go. I will ship eggs after I get money order. I have 1 ahead of you.

I still havent gotten payment from the 1st batch and Im waiting to hear from Assie...........Thanks.......ed
Ed thank you for the offer but unfortunately both of my bators are tied up and it would be a month before I'd be ready. Hubby would KILL me for sure if I bought a 3rd bator.
Thanks Assie, for letting me know, maybe later on we do a deal.

Jay, I got your payment, Thanks.

Siz, I got your payment, Thanks.

Game you still want in? If so you'll be next, after M.O. is received.


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