Barred Bantam Cochin cockerel w/ extra personality! 4 mo, S.W. PA

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    Oct 6, 2009
    S.W Pennsylvania
    This little puffball cochin is very friendly & talks about everything, in a little chuck-chuck voice. He's to be rehomed because he sounds like a rooster when he crows, and I'm in the suburbs.
    He was hatched Mar 10, 2010. He's a already fertile, my silkie eggs tell me, and he'd love to go to a permanent home where he can crow in the morning and in the evening if he wants, too.
    He likes kids, as a bonus, and is vaccinated against Marek's.

    Pickup or meet within an hour of Pittsburgh, PA, if possible.


    He has iridescent black patches closer to the feather shaft on back & tail. The barring is on the lower half of the feathers.
    He's my first barred, so I don't know if this is extra-cool or undesirable. Looks nice in the sun.
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