Barred chicks but not all roos, can it happen w/this combo?

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    I have a barred rock rooster, & absolutely NO barred rock hens. My hens are BA's, a black orp, a lav. orp, a silkie/brahma, a buff brahma, a buff orp/BA cross, and a frizzled EE. None of these hens are barred, but basically every chick I hatch out is barred. None look like anything other than a barred rock (even got a barred frizzle and my EE is more of a partridge!!). I know not all of the chicks are roosters, but I also thought only the roosters from a barred cross could be barred... I'm very confused - Help Please [​IMG]
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    I have been corrected... ignore me. [​IMG]
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    So does that mean if I hatched an egg from a barred rock hen and a light brahma roo, the barred chick has to be male????

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    A barred rooster has 2 copies of the barring gene as it's sex linked so every chick will look barred your males will be darker barred because they only have one copy of the gene. If you wanted black sex linked chicks you need to use the barred hens with a say Welsummer roo and the males would be black and barred and the females would be black.

    Here's the link for the sticky for sex linked crosses
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    Oh... I hate genetics! I was totally confused as to how I was getting barred chicks, but not all males. I typically stick with my polish and seramas, who aren't mixed and I know what to expect to see, but our barred rock roo is such a big baby I had to hatch some eggs. Then I hadn't collected any for a few days so I put those in the bator, and so on. I've got to stop now as I am over run with barred chicks that will, thankfully, be great layers for us next year, but still over run [​IMG]

    Thank you for the simple answer. I appreciate the info!!

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