Barred Cochin Male **Free** NE Philli


9 Years
Apr 18, 2010
Worcester Township
Here we have Pepermint hes is a barred cochin roo and looking for Love...
However his tiny lil crow is going to get him in trouble...See hes about to go one the run from the law...Hes wanted for breaking the noise ordinance. Seems the law has no room for early morning mating calls. I mean who can resist a 5am Rrrrrrrr errrrr? Apparently not the neighbors.
Help Pepermint, be his get away car, be his hide out...but please help this lil guy get out of here!!
Well fathered feet, bantie size. Handled daily by myself & my children (one as young as 2)
Hatched from eggs won at the PA Chickenstock so hes rather young still. He has a thing for red heads, currently courting a red silkie!

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