Barred Muscovy Hatching Eggs

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    Apr 1, 2011
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    I have a barred (black and white) hen in with a black and white drake.
    I am selling her eggs only because I have too many! I currently have 3 hens on a total of 55 eggs, so I don't need another broody hen! I would just eat them, but the fertility this year has been high with my muscovies, and I figured people might want to try to hatch some.

    Since I only have one laying, I have a limited number of eggs available. I will send out orders on a first-come-first-serve basis once I receive payment. They will be the freshest eggs to ensure the best hatching rate.

    As you all know, hatching rates depend on how the post offices handle the eggs and every incubator is different. I hatched some in my incubator and had 10 out of 12 hatch. They were all fertile, but the two that didn't make it died early on. So the eggs should all be fertile! I will be sure that boxes are labeled properly (Hatching eggs, no x-ray, etc.).

    Shipping if a flat rate of $14 (including packaging) for up to 6-7 eggs. If you want fewer than that, shipping is less. I can ship more, however, keep in mind I only have one hen! Eggs are $2.00 each, if you buy 4 or more they are $1.50 each.

    I do not have paypal, unfortunately, so payment I accept is cashiers checks, bank checks, or a postal check.

    PM me and we can sort out the details, or if you have any questions!
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    Do you have photos of the parent stock? Also is that 2.00 an egg?

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