Barred Plymouth Rock Chicks, *(SOLD)* Stukel Lineage/Fannin County, GA

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    Must Go Soon! Five youngsters, 3 cockerels, 2 pullets. I will not sell pullets alone, sorry. $5 each or discount for all five (buy four and 5th free). Two pair and one extra. I will sell a pair. I will sell a cockerel or two by themselves (so you can grow out two and pick best later) or I will sell the entire group. I will not sell only pullets, sorry. My goal is not to be left with one poor lone male with no one to be with, so I prefer they all go or in small groups so at least two are here when others are sold.

    Your cockerels will be better than your pullets, barring-wise, with these particular breeders. The two best are round as baseballs with sharp barring, the third has straight, though less sharply defined barring and he is taller than the other two, but all three should be decent for breeding. The pullets are adequate, though one is quite a bit smaller than the other. All are healthy and rambunctious.

    If you are not familiar, the Evolution of Atlas thread in Pictures & Stories tells all you need to know. Three chicks are Dottie's, one is Rowena's and one is Rachel's, but not sure which because they hatched under Rachel. Atlas is 3/4 Stukel BR with excellent temperament.

    These are slower to feather like the heritage Rocks all are and still will need some supplemental heat for another couple of weeks, I'd say, mainly the two better barred males, who are taking their sweet time getting covered.

    I will not hold birds. First come, first served.

    Price is $5 each. Cash, pick up only. We are located in Fannin County, GA near the juncture of TN/NC/GA, at the NC line.
    We will NOT ship, please don't ask.

    As usual, we reserve the right to refuse to sell or rehome our birds to anyone for any reason we see fit.
    Hint: Not having a predator proof, enclosed, safe coop for babies is one reason we would invoke that refusal.
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