Barred Plymouth Rock Hatching Eggs FS-((SOLD))/ N. GA.


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Dozen plus extras....and the extras may be Blue Orpington eggs, depending on my remaining Blue Orp hen. Dutch is the sire of the chicks and all pullets/hens have been laying for a long time now. Dutch has the broad chested body type that is missing in most standard hatchery BRs today. Some of my ladies are pretty hefty themselves. So, pymt is by money order to be sent immediately. $20 inc shipping & packaging. Thanks! Here are the breeders:




Sold to halo...thanks, Kathy!
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O boy if I didn't have Marans and Ameracaunas on the way scheduled to go in my 'bator I would be all over this! Your BRs are so beautiful! & the outside chance to get a Blue Orp--that's almost better than winning the lottery!

I need to build another 'bator...
Thank you for the compliment, Terri! Maybe another time, then. I'll try to offer a set when I can. Since I cant do any full Blue Orpington orders now that I only have the one blue hen, I'll be adding them to the BR orders as extras. Good luck on your hatch!

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