Barred Plymouth Rock Laying Pullets For Sale-SOLD OUT

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    SOLD OUT - 'Heritage Breed' Barred Plymouth Rock Laying Pullets Available for Sale ~ $15 Each - Firm.

    NO SHIPPING - Local Pickup ONLY - Mountain View Farms in Ellijay, Georgia ( 90 Miles North of Atlanta ) Cash Only.

    These beautiful Pullets began laying Large Brown Eggs at 20 weeks of age this September. Barred Plymouth Rock Pullets lay 300+ Large Brown Eggs per year.

    Our Healthy Pullets have been Farm Raised Cage Free and Fed a Nutritious Diet of Premium Purina Layena Pellets supplemented with Purina Scratch Grains, Oyster Shell, Purina Flock Block and Organically Grown Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Flowers and Grasses from our Farm Garden.

    We Appreciate Your Business and Support of 'Heritage Breed' Poultry and of Sustainable Farming Practices.
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