Barred Plymouth Rock (mostly Stukel Lines)Hatching Eggs, Local P.U./Fannin Co. GA

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    If you follow my "Evolution of Atlas" thread, you know my 3/4 Stukel BR cockerel, Atlas, the same age pullets (42 wks), Rowena and Rachel. And you know the pure Stukel hens he came from-his mother, Ida, her sisters, Dottie and Wynette, as well as Dottie's daughter Druscilla who was sired by the spectacular original Stukel Barred Rock male.

    These eggs are from Rowena, who is 3/4 Stukel BR, as well as the older Stukel hens. Rachel is raising chicks so none of her eggs are in here.

    As of the end of the day on January 27, I have 13 eggs collected.

    Rachel's chicks are all sired by Atlas and all five hatched clean and healthy a week ago with Dottie, Rachel and Rowena as the moms so fertility should be awesome.

    HERE IS A DISCLAIMER: **there is one splash Rock hen I might mistake her egg for one of the BRs, so if you get a blue barred bird, it would be hers. I've also had to return two solid black hens to that coop and their eggs are very similar to one of the younger BR hen's eggs. I try to ID them but can't always be sure.

    Priced as a test hatch due to an outside possibility getting eggs from the non BR hens included. All the original Stukel hens are almost 4 years old, Druscilla is 3 years old and Rowena is same age as Atlas, less than a year. Eggs from these same hens with the original Stukel male, Atlas's uncle, went at auction twice for more than $150/doz. so excellent stock.

    Post any questions here and I'll be happy to answer them for you.
    Local pickup/cash ONLY.
    We are near the NC line in Fannin County, GA near the juncture of GA/NC/TN. off Spur 60.

    Parents pictured in the photo slideshow but you can see them in the Evolution of Atlas thread in Pictures & Stories as well.​
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    The rooster formerly over most of these hens, Rex, been gone for over two weeks now (corrected the main post to remove reference to him now) and Atlas has been with his hens almost the entire time so Atlas will be the sire of all these chicks to a 99% degree of certainty.
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    Beautiful barring.
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    Thank you! They're very friendly, too, including Atlas.

    ETA: Updated the photos, adding some taken today, Jan. 28.
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    This batch is taken. Will continue collecting.
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    I have a half dozen collected and on the way up to a dozen. Stay tuned....
  7. Hi! Is this $15 per dozen +shipping and do you have a shipping quote to 37101 Thanks!
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    Sorry, these are local pickup only. Used to ship eggs years ago, but I'm not NPIP (plus, honestly, it's just too much work for too little $$$ at this price point).
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    Sorry, all out again as of 2/5. Next collection starts tomorrow.
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    As of 2/14, I have a 17 eggs collected from the Barred Rock coop.

    Last group incubated had fabulous fertility. Ready for pickup here at the farm.

    Again, I DO NOT ship hatching eggs.
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