Barred Plymouth Rocks


12 Years
Nov 28, 2008
Just picked up 3 BPR Pullets and 3 EE peeps today. Can anyone tell me about the BPRs? I already have 2 RIRs, 1 EE and 12 Red Sex Links
This is just my experience: I have 6 BPR that will be a year old the first week of April. Of the 4 breeds (BPR, EE, BA, CW) I have, they are the most dependable layers and laid well all winter.
They are at the top of the pecking order in my flock of 27 pullets and 2 cockerels. They are definitely the bravest of my girls and are the first to explore new areas of my property and free-range the farthest. They are all very friendly with me.

On the down-side, they pick on my EE's and my older roo. They were cooped up a lot of the winter and started feather plucking some of the others. In my experience, they are the most aggressive.

Hope that helps.

Good luck with your new chicks.
Great breed, fabulous layers, friendly, but not a pushover in the flock so they may come off as bossy. They don't usually go broody, but there are exceptions. They're my favorite breed. I have barreds, blues and one black Rock.
Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing how they fit in. So far, the six seem to be getting along well. I really haven't had a problem mixing in the past; I've noticed my grown EE gets picked on since her sister was killed by a skunk. I was so upset since she was the most personable of all of my girsl. The only bird I've had a problems with was a Red Sex Link Roo. He was absolutely magnificent, but was such an agressive mater (and I know that is how it's done); I just couldn't stand seeing my girls backs always raw. Had to find him a new home.

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