Barred Rock Baby Chicks and Bantam Baby Chicks a success!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by RitzHomestead, Feb 25, 2016.

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    So I have had chickens going on a year now, my first set are now laying and are big and healthy. Well......I was only going into Tractor Supply for some supplies, and of was their first day of chick day. I ended up leaving with 6 barred rock chicks. I currently have 15 chickens in a large coop and run I built so I figured it wouldn't hurt to add some more. When we were in TSC I also saw some adorable bantam chicks but was unsure how they would do mixing in eventually with my normal sized flock.

    None the less I ended up going back and got 6 bantam chicks, 5 are the chipmunk coloring, and the other is yellow with feathers on its legs and feet (any guesses?) I was a little worried about the bigger barred rock chicks picking on the bantams but I have not had any issues. They are now all snuggled up together sleeping peacefully.

    My main concern and would like some advice from those who have bantam hens mixed with a regular flock. Has their been any issues? Will the bantams be picked on bc of their size? Anything I should get ready for? We do have one full sized rooster who is so good with our hens, should we be worried about him trying to mate the bantams? Do regular size roosters mate with bantams? Lol I am so in the dark with these bantams, so any advice would be great!

    Thank you so much!
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    Your yellow feather footed cutie is likely or buff or white Cochin. They're pretty common in the bantam bin at TSC. As far as their integration goes, its hard to say, but they'll likely be just fine. Banties are fast and tend to be good flyers, so as long as you have adequate space and hiding places, I think they'll be okay. Also, you'll have 12 chicks to integrate into your main flock, so pecking order bullying will be spread out amongst them.

    Good luck!
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