Barred rock banties? M or F?

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    rescued these from the Orscheln's $1 week old bin. They were the smallest ones in the bin, so I'm assuming they are banties. The one you can't see isn't doing well d/t pasty butt and a leg or foot injury. (far left side of photo cut off).

    These three have white bellies, and spots on their heads. The one with the biggest splotch on its head is more of a yellowish splotch. It acts like the top chicken. It keeps stepping on the one that isn't doing well.

    So am I right on Plymouth Barred Rock Banty?
    Is the yellow headed one a male?

    Thanks. Teddi

    (They are either Rocks or Black Star based on the only black chicks they had)
  2. hcammack

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    Oct 5, 2007
    They are barred rocks the ones with clearly defined head spots are male the one lying in the back sleeping is male and the one standing up is male the one laying if front is female. this is the general rule for barred rocks.
    Hope it works this time
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    I don't know that I'd say they are bantams....they could have just had a rough start. But I could easily be wrong. I just got 3 today and the look the same, but mine are probably 2-3 days old. I don't if it's just me, but between 2-3 wks, I can always tell the sex of my BRs (not so much w/other breeds) but the little cockrels develop obvious waddles and combs then. HTH.
  4. Well, my husband told me we'd eat the first one that crowed......

    So how do you tell a banty from a regular sized chick? (Being unexperienced I am)
  5. tx_dane_mom

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    Sep 23, 2007
    SE Texas
    LOL That's a good question someone else will have to answer. All I know is wait til they are full grown. I just meant they look like standards to me...nothing looks exceptionally 'small' about them to 'me.'
    You could alter your subject like to ask bantam or standard and someone might help more?
  6. yankeemtfarm

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    They will be most likely be regular/full-size if you purchased from a local feed store.

    Most hatcheries do not sell bantams this time of year.

    Yes they look like barred rocks

    Yes you have poopy but. in your pic.

    Use warm water under the sink, then dry.

    I have tried most oils , some help in extreme cases, most are gritty and will not work in the long term.

    Best is to snip,pluck, or pull the infected area (very nicely:)

  7. Sounds like I got runts, not banties. How can you tell the difference?

    Okay, I was successful in removing one pasty butt goo, and what was left, look like it had a bikini wax. It's pink vent apparatus is sticking out, looks almost prolapsed outward. Should I be worried? So far it is acting okay.

    But the littlest one that isn't doing so well, I figured out why. The right leg is injured with a swollen 'knee' joint and that leg is hotter. It is definitely inflamed and painful appearing when the chick bears weight on it. I was almost ready to end it's life thinking of the pain and lameness it will suffer, but I decided to let the chick either succumb or overcome it. I was too scared to 'snip' off its head. I have a soft spot for it already.

    They are eating medicated feed, so I'm hoping it won't get infected in the joint. Can chicks have baby motrin?

    Should I just end it's life now? Or see how nature plays out?


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