Barred Rock Cafe and Beer Cap Center

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Feb 10, 2012
My original coop was built in 2011 with an old table turned upside down. The roof was air conditioner drip pan held down by rocks and 2 pots of plants. The "fence posts" are 4 tree.
It is a chicken shelter which I called "Barred Rock Cafe"

I didn't know what I was doing; but I wanted a chicken.... then soon became two .... and they were not happy when I am at work

I discover BYC.... read lots of post and learned the "do and don't" while I was collecting more woods, pellets, cheap paint etc. etc....
Remodeling began. in 2012

See the nice metal roof? A new house was being built down the street. I e-mailed the roofing company owner and asked if I could buy some scrap pieces. Few weeks later, he dropped 2 pieces off -- free. (I told my husband we need to replace the house with metal roof to match with the chicken coop)

The run are built with pellets. You will not find a single right angle in the whole structure. A patch here and there. If not long enough, I attached another piece. Lucky I am only 5 ft tall, i.e. just need the run to be 5 ft 1 inch. Wait, there are some area lower than that; oh well, I will shrink as I age.

After they (now 3 of them) moved into the new coop/run (Beer Cap Center), they continue going back to Barred Rock Cafe to lay egg.... um... I guess I can't just remove it. So, I converted an old dog house to a nice little area for them to lay. It can easily change to a second coop in the future as well...(yes, I kept the air conditioner drip pan roof).
It's not pretty; just functional. I am proud of it. I did it all by myself with no fancy tools.

BTW, the name "Beer Cap Center" came from this.... I used beer caps to secure the fence.

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Mar 9, 2013
WOW!!! Very nice! An upside-down table (I would have NEVER thought of that. And the beer caps...... BRAVO! You should post those on the invention thread.

I also use an old air cond. drip pan, but I use it as the poop board under the roost.
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