Barred Rock chick colorations!


8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
Stamping Ground, Ky
This may be a dumb questions, but if my barred rock chicks have different variations of coloring, will they turn out to have different color patterns?
One is kind of even 50/50 black and white/yellow, another is mostly black and some white/yellow, and the other is the traditional looking barred rock chick.
same quesion for my Reds, they range from very deep red to almost buff looking.
With barred rocks, you can usually tell the gender of the adults by their color. Males are usually lighter than females. As chicks, you can't always go by the color of their down, although I've heard it said that, even as chicks, the females tend to be darker overall. The reds will have variations in their adult plumage, even if they look similar as chicks. What breeds are your reds?

Once you have a few more posts under your belt, you'll be able to post pictures on here, and we'll be able to help you more.
All i know is that i have had a few batches of barred rocks and i have gotten ones that are grey with white stripes and ones with more black than stripes and they where all pullets! not sure about the yellow color your talking about...but i would wait and see when they get read of their chick fuzz;)
Rule of thumb with PBR is grey = male Black =femaleBeen breeding PBRfor 2 years and have yet to see that change for me. However Not sure if its the same with Hatchery stock.
I have figured that they are probably not purebreds. I wish I could figure out how to post a pic that way I can show what I am talking about. The one I have is very splotchy in coloring, it has it's baby down and not feathers yet. they're only about 2 or 3 days old. On the one with very little yellow/white I noticed the feathers coming in on the wings, they're black so far.

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