Barred Rock chick. head down, lethargic, feisty LAST NIGHT

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  1. My two week old chick went from bouncing around in the pen in the bathroom with her silkie hatch mates to head down and not wanting to do much. This chick is the dominant chick and was full of life last night... HELP!!!!!!
  2. She is eating and drinking but when I pick her up she is relaxed and that is NOT how she normally is. Now she relaxes and shuts her eyes and does not kick. She also looks different than last night, like her feathers look different but I can't figure out what the difference is, but its there. Should I worm her? I used some beach sand from pond (its white sand) and put in with their pen last week. Did doing that poison them with some sort of parasite?
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    She might have coccidiosis. Have you seen any loose or bloody poop?
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    Not worms... maybe cocci or pasty butt??? Those are the things I see slow chicks down fairly quick.

    How is the poo? What are you feeding? How big is your brooder? How many chicks total? Any treats besides the sand? Or other supplements?

    I would never worm a chick that young. But if you ever suspect worms, it is best to take a fecal sample to vet for a float that will give you species and load count in order to make sure you use the correct medication IF it's needed. Also I would never worm an ill bird without confirmation that was indeed the issue. Worming is VERY hard on the system and *could* do more harm than good.

    Hope the chick feels better. :fl
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  5. Her butt isn't pasty, someone has loose poop though, maybe her. I am using organic chick feed from tractor supply and they are in a large indoor rabbit hutch that is as long as a bath tub. I have 8 chicks. I am trying to read up on other feed I can add that is good such as tuna in water and broccoli. Wondering if its the beginnings of wry neck? Or some other horror story... :(
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    Only 1 out of the 9 strains of coccidia presents as blood in the feces. I have seen completely normal poos out of a chick that I saw a bloody poo from earlier in the day. So even if they have it.. might not always look like it. :hmm

    I don't use medicated feed... one time with a larger brood than I was used to, I discovered my shaving were much moister under neath than they looked on top.
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  7. I googled and found "Wazine" from tractory supply for cocci.... do I go get that? I may grab some anyway, but do I use it now?
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    Avoid adding treats for now... until you get this figure out.

    I raise Silkies and have yet to see wry neck.

    Is she standing with her feathers puffed up? Can you post a pic?
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    Use amprolium sold under the brand name Corid
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  10. OMG now she is in the corner with her head down.
  11. My camera just fogged up when I got it out of car. I will post a pic as soon as it warms.

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