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    Mar 9, 2016
    I have 17 barred rocks chicks. out of the 17 only one is a rooster. I only planned on keeping 8 of the chicks one being my rooster. I've tried researching ways to figure out at this young. they hatched on march 2nd. I've read that the color of the feet and the chick could determine sex on barred rock chicks. that being said this chick is the only one with markings like this and is very light in color compared to the rest that are pretty dark and also the only one with very yellow feet. the rest have a dark color down the front of their legs. any help would be much appreciated:)
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    females generally do have a black wash down the legs, and males have yellow legs but, nature likes to throw a curve ball now and then so not 100% accurate. I do agree with you on who is the cockerel.
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    Yea females will have the black markings down their legs, also when they start to feather out some the roos will have more white than black and their white streaks will be thicker. Hope this helps!

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