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    I placed my one heritage barred rock rooster with my 7 production barred rock hens on 1/21/13. The hens have been with two RIR roosters for the past year and have gave me a few black sexlinked chicks in the last two hatching cycles using my incubator. I already have about 10-15 straight bred RIR chicks to raise and am trying to get as many straight bred BR's as possible. This past week I noticied the BR rooster jump a couple of hens on a couple of different occasions. My question is how long should I wait to gather the BR eggs and incubate to have a straight breed without the chance of adding more sexlinks chicks to the flock? Incubator is full of eggs now that should be hatching on the 15th to sell to a local feed store..thanks
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    It can take as long as 4 weeks for all seed from previous roosters to be out of the mix. Best fertility from separation of rooster is up to two weeks then dramatically falling from there. As for fertility of the new rooster, well, as soon as he's danced and serenaded all the hens his seed is in the mix.

    You likely wont see any black sex links at 3 weeks but to be sure wait 4 weeks.

    If that Barred Male looks nice you can line breed him to his offspring over a few generations or more. It will really change the look of your pullets. You know, over this years offspring produces 75% his blood and over that offspring produces 87.5% his blood. Basically end up with a heritage flock you'd pick and choose breeders from.
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    Yep, what egghead said!
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    Ok, will wait 4wks to be positive..thanks

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