Barred Rock Chicks: What Sex Are These? Updated with better pics

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    Oct 18, 2010
    Hey All, I have cutest chicks ever, and they're all supposed to be girls. What do you think? I was wondering about the barred rocks specifically, one of them seems to have a slightly larger comb than the other, yet "it" has darker feet than the other. If you look closely at the pics, the one i'm suspicious of is the one with the black marks on it's beak.


    Here are the two in question together: [​IMG]

    Here is Chick A. Smaller Comb, Lighter Legs: [​IMG]

    Here is chick B. Larger Comb, Darker Legs: [​IMG]
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    Jul 11, 2010
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    Barred Rocks are fairly easy to sex... although I can't really tell from your images... Sorry.

    The females will have a very distinct white dot on their heads. Males dots are more spread out.

    The females are pretty much black and white and the males are more of a silver and white look.

    When they are grown the females will still be very black and white with the males being a lot more gray and white looking compared to the female.
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