barred rock chicks


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Mar 17, 2013
i have about 24 barred rock chicks and was wondering how i can tell there sex they are about 2 monthes old. some of them are dark and others are lighter was wondering if the dark ones are one sex and the lighter ones another some are bigger then others but they are the same age thanks


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I agree. I believe the ones that lean more to gray or dark gray and white barred are males and the females tend to be darker barred, nearly black and white bars. I also think females have the black stripe on their legs go pretty much down to their toes, where on the males it often stops at their foot.

Fred's Hens

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Good posts.

Further the cockerels would have sprouted their combs and wattles early. The pullets don't show much of anything until they are closer to point of lay.

Males have double barring genes which makes them appear brighter and whiter. They also stand a bit more upright.

A cockerel

A pullet

A pair. Cockerel in front, pullet above

Pullet on lower left, four cockerels all in a row.

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