Barred Rock (?) chicks.

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    I have some chicks that I think are Barred Rock, they are 2 weeks old. Their feathers are coming in with a barred pattern, blk and white. But they have black down the front of their legs. Do Barred Rocks have that?
    You can't see the black shading very sell in this photo.
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  2. aoxa

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    They look like this.. :)
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    Yes, those are barred rock chicks. For future reference, that white spot on top of the head means the bird is barred in color, makes them easy to spot.

    The dark color down the front of the legs is actually thought to be a sign of a female bird, so I'm guessing that's a good thing for you! It fades as they age.
  4. aoxa

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    Newly hatched Barred Rock chick.

    Note that any barred chick will look like this, Plymouth Rock or not.

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