Barred Rock- Cockerel or Rooster

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    Hello all,

    This is my first posting and appreciate all the help upfront. I got 7 barred rock, what I was told were all pullets, but turns out 3 are roosters. Of the roosters, there is one who, I have caught in the act with a pullet doing the deed. I have read that when they start this they are considered roosters.

    My question is at what age do they start "getting busy with the pullets" or do they "practice" for a while. These rooster are small and his crow is very crackly but getting better at it.

    I hope this is understandable and if not please let me know. I haven't figured out how to post a picture yet but will as soon as I can.


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    Age that they start mating varies, you can have some quick maturing boys and some slower maturing boys. And different breeds have different maturities. Generally around 18 weeks, they will start "attempting" to mate. (some breeds will be even later) With mine, this time is where they try, but get a beat down by the hen they are trying to mate with. There's a lot of factors that go into mating successfully. They have to be able to balance, hold on and the hen has to be willing.

    A cockeral is any male under 1 year of age. A rooster is a male over 1 year of age.

    Hope that helps.
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    Well, to be honest, they will practice until the pullets start "letting him" mount. This is called squating, and you will see that anywhere after they are about 18 weeks old... Cockerels are Male chickens under the age of one, pullets are female chickens under the age of one. After they are one year old, they are labled roosters and hens. But don't dispair, the terms for male chickens are dynamic, you will hear a lot of folks talk about their 25 week old roo.

    And Before I forget !!!! [​IMG]
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    Correction -

    A rooster is a male chicken [​IMG]

    A cockerel is a male under 1 year

    A cock is a male over 1 year
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    Quote:Interesting, I knew in Europe, they use cock but I didn't think it was used here in the states.
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    Thanks so far everyone, the pullet let him mount and get after it and just laid there. You guys state they start about 18 weeks, this rooster is only maybe 12" tall, could he be a bantam? I'll get some pics posted, I got it figured out now.
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    Quote:While I agree, I have to ask...huh?
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    Quote:X2 [​IMG]
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    Quote:While I agree, I have to ask...huh?

    Same here. I guess it was intended for a different thread.

    carsonseggs, due to a lot of recent attacks by spammers, you will need to have more posts in order to post pics. Not many, and sorry about it, but the spammers really attacked this winter. [​IMG] As far as age, it varies a lot. BRs develop pretty fast if they are the only cockeral around. But when there is more than one, the subordinates will take a bit longer. Generally, once they start breeding they are fertile.

    But................. [​IMG]

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