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    Oct 27, 2011
    a little history---we have a male barred rock rooster and seperate breeds of female. all free range chickens that arent caged at all. we have 2 golden wynadots, 3 austerlops, 1 black sex link, 1 jersey giant and one other rooster (that i cant recall his breed).

    a female austerlop decided to hatch some eggs this year and hatched 5 chicks (out of 8 she was laying on). one is distinctly a barred rock (the others are all black), but its comb has me a bit confused. instead of a single comb like its dad; and all the barred rock pictures ive looked at today, this lil girl(?) has a strawberry comb. She's(?) 3 months old. Ive been under the assumption that it was male because its comb came in quicker than the others, until i realized today that one of its "sisters" is definetly a male with long tail feathers coming in and a taller comb than the others (all the other siblings, by the way, have a single comb); then my boyfriend said he heard one crow today but didnt think it came from where the lil barred rock was (meaning the "sister" crowed, and not him). ive read that male barred rocks are whiter in color (and females are darker). the adult barred rooster we have is much whiter than this lil girl(?).

    a female jersey giant also hatched eggs this year (8 out of 17eggs, but 2 have since died) and 3 of the remaining 6 are barred rock's, and definetly females with small single combs and darker in color then the father, and the color of these 3 girls match identical to the above mentioned 3month old chick that is in question.

    the chick in question has yellow legs and yellowish eyes, where the 3 from the other batch have alot of black splotches on their legs (with some yellow showing) but yellow-ish eyes as well (just like dad). all 4 chicks have little bumps (that im assuming are spurs) on the back of one leg, and one leg only (no bump at all on the other leg). i should also mention its tail feathers are just like hens should be and doesnt look like a rooster. regarding the spurs, i read today that plenty of females can get them (but none of our females to date have had them)--but the 3 lil barred rocks are so obviously females its not funny--match every picture ive looked at identically and just have that female look. i havent checked any other of the young chicks for spur bumps, just the barred rock looking ones.

    so my question is--without a picture, does it sound male or female, and why does it have a strawberry comb instead of a single comb? could the mother be a golden wynadot (the only other breed here that has a strawberry/cushion comb); i would think that if it were a mixed breed its feathers or something else would be a lil different too? pretty new to chciken breeding, seeing as how the chickens rarely decide to actually lay on the eggs.
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    I'm just going to welcome you to BYC: [​IMG] and assure you that there are some genetic wizards on here than can, hopefully, offer some suggestions as to what you have.
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    The only rooster is a barred rock, correct?

    edit: In re-reading, you have another un-specified roo.
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    You have a barred rock roo, but no barred rock hens, right? So none of your babies are barred rocks, they are barred mixed breeds. I'd say the one with the rose comb is from the wyandotte. Best thing is to post pics and see if we can help.

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