Barred Rock gender


Aug 9, 2021
I'm completely new to chickens and just curious if we have any cockerels. My daughter got these through 4H from Cackle Hatchery. In two days, they will be 9 weeks old.
This is probably the one I question most. It has the most red.
Any input would be appreciated. Sorry they don't have tail feathers right now. I'm working on that. 😁

Yeah most of them are smaller and more pale than this one. Their color is mostly the same. Some seem to be a little lighter, but definitely not as light as some of the pictures that I've seen of cockerels.
Sometimes (with poor quality birds) the light and dark barring wont show as much, but with your birds the barring is really nice and dark. So they do express that specufic trait.
Hi, very pretty birds. I'm still a bit confused about the differences between BR and Doms, do you mind telling me what you're seeing that says Doms to you? The birds in your pics all seem to have single combs, a BR characteristic. Unless I'm missing something?

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