Barred Rock Hen keeps attacking my beautiful Buff Orpington! (pics)

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    I have two barred rock hens (age 3 years) and one buff orpington (age 9 months). Yesterday after completing a new chicken coop/run (yay!), we put the BO in followed by a couple hours with the BRs. They had never lived together before but had shown aggression towards each other on a few occassions I put them in the same smallish pen.

    Needless to say the BRs totally terrorized Adora (the buff orp). The bigger one would jump on her back bite her neck and rake her claws down her back- so, of course, after that drama, we put the more aggressive BR back into the old coop. Over the night, Adora and the other BR slept in the same coop and I have not seen anymore agression. The seperated BR has been very loud and clucking all morning (as soon as the sun came up) and pacing back and forth in her run.

    My question is there any hope to integrate these three ladies together? Or is it necessary to keep them seperated (and in that case I need to get rid of the aggressive BR, since I only have room for one coop at a time). Any suggestions would be great, including how to go about getting rid of this aggressive chicken. I don't think I have it in me to "deal" with her myself.

    PS: As you can see, Adora is more of a sweet pet and the BRs are more in the 'livestock' role- Adora has top rank for me

    The new coop!

    Princess Adora

    The evil BRs, haha (in the old coop)
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    You have to introduce them slowly. If you just put them together there is gonna be trouble.

    You could put you BO in a tractor or cage next to the BRs so they can see each other and such but not get at each other. Do this for a week or so, maybe longer and then try letting them interact. If they attack and draw blood or continuing terrorize the BO, then go back to the tractor/cage and keep at it.

    It took me nearly 3 months to put my two age groups together without blood being drawn somewhere.

    If you just toss her in there and they attack, they will draw blood and then it will be vicious.
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    I have the same situation.

    9 mo. Barred Rocks (6), 5 mo. Buff Orps. (2).
    I also introduced a Buff Orp. rooster 2 weeks after the 2 new hens and he takes most of the abuse, poor thing.

    I have had mine together for 6 weeks for the hens and 4 weeks for the rooster.
    Some of the Barred Rocks have accepted them but still don't hang out with them when they're loose in the yard.

    A couple BR's chase them away from food, especially the rooster.
    I have taken to making a long line of feed, grain, treats in front of their house just so everyone can eat without being tormented.

    Last night when I checked on them before closing them up for the night, one of the bossy BR's was trying to keep all the BO's from getting close to them on the roost.

    I may have to get rid of a couple nasty ones myself and like you, I don't know quite how to do it.

    Guess that old saying, "Birds of a feather flock together." is true after all.

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