Barred Rock hen SQUATTING around welsummer hen.


5 Years
Aug 18, 2014
Southern California
and yes, I'm SURE they are both hens. hi , we have a 6 hen flock, including a young barred rock egg layer and a 3 yr old welsummer hen. sometimes if I'm letting them out the barred rock will squat when the welsummer comes near. this also can happen when i put the welsummer down next to her. she welsummer has been very mean to her in the past and even jumped on her back when this happened and started tearing at her comb! why?
She is probably the "top dog" and the other is submitting to her.
It's normal.
the welsummer is definitely not top dog, but is higher on the pecking order than the three young ones, including this barred rock. she has been bullied in the past by a hen, (she died) and is "lower" than the other two 3 yr olds...

also, some users have said to scratch their backs if they squat to encourage it to squat more, (so u can catch em easier) and we did that a little for a bit. haven't done it in a week +

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