Barred Rock Hen went ballistic

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Crickett B, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Crickett B

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    Aug 26, 2010
    Blue Ridge Mountains
    What would cause my normal acting barred rock hen to go absolutely nutso, when I introduced a turken hen to the flock?
    It was worse than a rooster fight. Ms Henny Penny ripped into this bird and blood was apparent. Couldn't find an injury on the turken nor Ms Henny Penny. It was right at dusk, so all the chickens were in the pen for roosting. Ms Henny Penny spotted the turken and it was on. I also intorduced a EE hen at the same time, and noone even paid attention to her. The turken may be a tad bigger than Henny Penny. I just was not expecting that behavior at all.
  2. BooBear

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    Oct 7, 2010
    Conroe, Texas
    maybe it was the pink neck?
    Or maybe she did not like what the turken hen said or how the turken hen looked at her.
    Or it could be a oh no you are not joining this click we are too cool for you missy kinda thing.

    Just guessing...[​IMG]
  3. dawg53

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    Nov 27, 2008
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    Quote:It's a pecking order issue. Usually, it's best to keep newbies in a pen or cage next to the the original flock to let them get used to seeing each other for a week or so. Then at night time, you can slip the newbies in with your originals inside their house. Then when they go outside the next morning, none are any wiser about what happened. You can also keep them distracted from fighting by tossing treats around, that should keep them busy. Mine do minor bickering when they go to roost for the night, they like to position themselves for the best spot. The senior hen gets the top spot and so on down the line. All you can do is ensure there's plenty of space for them to roost, that will prevent the 'knock down drag out' fights. Good luck.
  4. Crickett B

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    Aug 26, 2010
    Blue Ridge Mountains
    It was just horrible. I have never seen hens fight....well actually one, as the turken was running as fast as she could to get away. I understand pecking order and all that...but it was an all out cat fight, in the hen house.

    I just could not get over the whole incident. Henny Penny never bothers anyone, cept to peck some one on the head now and then (begining to think she is like the top hen or something) I've been gradually adding more hens to the flock the last week, as I will have 6 roosters out there in the end.

    1 is still in a seperate pen, 1 is still a baby, and two are just now starting to try and mount the hens. The girls wont let them though. So now I am up to 25 birds in the night pen , 4 roos plus 18 are hens. 4 (one roo) in another pens, 3 of them hens, and hopefully 9 baby girls(1 roo) in the house. So 6 roosters to 27 hens. AND I still have to find more hens......ugh

    But I still don't understand why the moment Henny Penny saw the Turken all the way in the back of the pen, and made a beeline to attack it. It wasn't a pecking thing at all, it was an attack.
  5. dawny2u2

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    I decided to expand my little flock this summer. As the chicks grew, and finally became ready to integrate into the flock, all went well. Except the two Barred Rocks- they were very aggresive. To this day, no one can sleep next to them, all run when they approach. I don't know if its a " breed thing" but those two are merciless. They weren't that way to their same age flockmates, but the 20 pullets steer clear. They're real meanies!
  6. babalubird

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    Jul 21, 2008
    I wonder if your regular flock interprets the missing feathers on the neck as a sign of a sick chicken and are trying to driver her away for that reason? Just a wild guess.

    The turkens are the ones with the bare neck, correct?
  7. Crickett B

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    Aug 26, 2010
    Blue Ridge Mountains
    Quote:Yes, those are the ones with the bare neck. Ugly as sin. [​IMG]
    I never thought of that as a possible reason, but only Henny Penny attacked her and noone else. When I let them out this morning, Turken and the New EE were on the roost with my Barred Rock Roo (Damien). He stays up there till I let them out due to my frizzled polish (Nanner the terrible) bullies him, so its safer to remain on the roost till the pen is opened and every one can get out.

    The EE and the Turken were bought from the same place and were "pen mates" prior to me buying them. Before, they came here, they were kept in a pen and not free ranged. Which is why I suppose they have not left the pen yet today.

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