Barred Rock mix.


9 Years
Sep 1, 2010
It is about 10 weeks old in this picture. I want to know it it is a male or female! Hope someone can help me out!
I guess it could be good. Although when I fed this morning they all had bright red combs, this could have been one of my younger ones that would have hatched in August. This is a mixture that has so far came out sexed, roos being solid black with a white dot on their heads (feather out to be barred) and the hens hatch solid black with white on their belly (feather out to be solid black with some white on them).
Nope, it's a cockeral.

Sounds like you hatched out black sex links. The females will feather in black (later may have brown leakage) and males feather in barred.
That is pretty nifty! The rooster is a banty along with most of my birds, and the hen is a barred rock from Mcmurray. I wonder if this is how they came up with the sex link chickens?
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That is very interesting! Thank you for the information! So, if I was to breed the barred roo with the black hen the chicks wouldn't come out sex that correct?
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That is correct. BR roo over anything will give you barred kids, no sexlinking.

The bird in question is a male. The cross yields darker males than full blooded BR males since they are missing a barring gene from one parent.

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