Barred Rock or Leghorn chicks Scaly Mountain NC (near Franklin)

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  1. NatalieAlison

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    Jan 7, 2013
    Hi all!
    I am in need of 2 female Barred Rock and 2 female Leghorn chicks or 4 of either breed. I want to start a small laying flock. Does anyone know where I can get them locally? I looked into ordering from a hatchery and they want me to order 15 until April 1st. I'd like to go ahead and get some chicks started now so that I will have eggs by mid summer.
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    Mar 28, 2013
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    Did u see our tractor supply had some barred rocks? Seays had some leghorns. Let me know if u found another place that sells them :)
  3. StevieChicks

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    Hi Natalie,

    You can also call Seay's Farm and Garden in Franklin. Roger was extremely helpful with getting my flock together. I'm pretty sure he has a shipment of Barred Rocks coming in April and he most likely will have Leghorns as well. Give him a call and ask him the dates or if you want to stop in there, he has a list of breeds and their date of arrival at his store.

    Seay's Farm and Garden
    368 E Main Street
    Franklin, NC
    (828) 524-2621



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