barred rock or marans?


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Jun 24, 2013
Buna, TX
Ill get more pics tomorrow-
Some of my supposed barred rocks have pink-white feet with dark wash on them and they have very undefined barring, almost blotchy.

Possible marans? :/
I'd say cuckoo marans, based on your description. Could be either, of course, depending on how well/poorly bred, but generally, CMs have pinkish-white legs and blurry/splotchy pattern, while BRs have yellow legs with more defined barring.
Ill try later today if i can! :) theyre getting bigger by the day and i may have over-socialized them as babies; any tine i sit or kneel down i get swarmed, so it may take a little bit to get some good ones! :)
this is Merle. Im like, "Bam! Barred rock! Rooster! Done!"
Checkers-barred rock. Easy.
Sharky. Smaller by a bit, much less defined. Much more dark on her legs.
See-some are just BARRED. Crisp lines, bold pattern. I have a few others like Sharky that keep me guessing (Agitha, Navi, Claire, and Michonne) that i need pictures of.

Also-for you pros....
I have birds with triangular "poofball" tails, tails that look like a paper fan, even one with no tail (well-it looks like a 1/8 scale tail). I know theyre hatchery birds and have no real standard to be held to, but is there really such a huge discrepancy?
I'm still going with cuckoo marans, all of them. Those legs are just too pale to be BR. By the way, the ones that look less defined/more black and have darker marks down the front of the legs usually turn out to be pullets. More defined/more white and less leg markings usually end up cockerels. Not always, but a good percentage of the time. :)
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I ordered pullets on all but 2-and have 41 chickens. If i get more whoopsy roos im still keeping them ;)

Thanks for the input-im excited no matter what they are-but the older they get thr more i think my assortment landed me a larger variety than i thought!

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